i’m also resolving to draw things with some sort of background now it’s going to get crazy

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I always knew I would love Phoebe before actually seeing GGLAM but when Lauren kicked her skirt up after this line she sold me. (And when you tell me to stop drawing bees in Phoebe’s lace blouses I will not.)

although you’ve all probably guessed it, i’m calling a semi-hiatus on this blog until mid-December because that’s when winter break is… I’ll try to post as often as I can and I’d post school stuff but none of it is very exciting unfortunately!

Ezio from Assassin’s Creed: Revelations for thesirentrick who won first place in my giveaway! Now that she received it, I can post it.

christ almighty

can you guys tell that i ditched inktober because my life has become overridden by work

was feeling a little inadequate after strolling through the tables at NYCC so here’s a young Eugenia for some stress relief

Inktober Days 5 through 10: if I didn’t prove how much of a nerd I am yet, in high school my friends and I created a Prohibition Era AU of how I ran a bootlegging business in the 1920s. (aka the “if we were all hot and 10 years older AU)

sepia ink and digital flats

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-“Say, Salome, who is that woman over there?”
-“Isn’t that Eugenia’s friend, Daisy? Nevermind her, you haven’t commented on the alterations I had done for my bridesmaid gown - it’s much better now, if I do say so myself.”

just something quick before I have to slink back to college work. Salome takes the modest bridesmaid dress chosen by Eugenia and adds brocade, lace and feathers just because she can