oh my

requests, anyone?

changed my theme, i think this shows off my artwork a little nicer, eh?

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henry and phoebe made my day oh my goodness. well done - I want to cry. so sweet, and so perfectly drawn... ahhh! :)

ahhhhh ehwhwerjwerker
henry and phoebe are my favorites - why monty why
thank you so so much!!! c:

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I imagine Henry and Phoebe lived terribly lonely lives as children. But at least they had each other. And maybe Phoebe would make Henry flower crowns, I don’t know I DON’T KNOW. (Going to play a wild card and guess that Henry was probably 5+ years older than Phoebe…) 

ANYWAY this was not the GGLAM art I meant to draw but oh well.

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your gglam fanart is amazing :)

Asked by Anonymous

ooohhhh my goodness thank you so muuuch!! owo

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Miss ShingleLady SalomeLady Hyacinth

let’s show some appreciation for more of the ladies shall we? i think i can safely say i need more quality photos of lady salome in my life

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you haven’t said a WORD about my dress!

i just really love sibella’s wig when it’s tied up???

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now we should kiss!

i saw catherine walker but phoebe looks like lauren in my mind. hmmm
EDIT: now in color

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so guess what i just saw gglam last night so prepare yourself for a wave of art

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